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Covid Crisis Delhi

Despite all efforts Capital city of the country stands at 2nd position just after Maharashtra in terms of total number of active cases and the way Chief Minister Mr Kejriwal was boasting of perfect arrangements to fight with it proved hollow and now the state machinery is struggling to bring the situation in control. So much so that arch political rival and Union home minister Mr Amit Shah had to intervene . Mr Amit Shah did a series of Meetings with Chief Minister and Bureaucrats to ensure availability of beds and increase in testing capacity. Around 500 Isolation coach has been provided to increase bed availability as 80000 beds will be required by end of Covid Crisis Delhi July.

The government had also considered recommendations by Dr V K Paul committee to cap testing and bed charges plus prices for PPE and ICU as there were complains of exorbitant charging by few private players.Now testing charges fixed at Rs2400 which private hospitals are not finding comfortable with.Some private hospital owners said that after this capping there will be less testing because it doesn’t cover the cost.Until now the cost was Rs 4500 if Private hospitals take sample and uses their kit,Rs3500 if Government collected the sample and Private labs used their kits to test and Rs 2200 if the government collected the sample and used their kits.Government has also started rapid antigen testing which will surely help people get tested.

Amit Shah also said that there will be house to house survey of covid cases in present 241 containment zones across the city and aggressive contact tracing in equal no of buffer zones across the hotspots.Six senior IAS officers also deputed from center to look after management of resources.Also a panel has been set up to allocate 60% private hospital beds at low rate.To bring all political parties on  one page against covid fight he had also convened an all party meeting. more related covid 19 click on it. Covid Crisis Delhi

USA handling of Covid 19

The ongoing pandemic was first reported in the United States in the month of January 2020 and the first death in February 2020. Despite being the best available medical services in the world United States it spread to more than 50 states and by the end of May United States was with most confirmed active and death cases, per million death rate was also at highest at 361 per million in the world.

Initially, US response was slow to this pandemic, President Trump was of the view that whatever happening was due to foreign nationals so the entry of foreign nationals restricted but US nationals were allowed. As Health Emergency declared on January 31, the month of February gone in preparing healthcare system and focusing on tests was initially a bit lackluster because government developed kits were defective and testing capacity was much less than required as less than 10000 people tested by 2nd week of March. Since cases were rising fast Trump administration declared a national emergency on March 13. Testing was relaxed so that anyone with doctor’s prescription could be tested and industries were instructed to produce PPE and testing kits in large numbers as Federal health inspectors found a shortage in various hospitals. Gradually a number of testing per day touched 250,000 per day but it was still not enough to seize the outbreak.

Since this disease was highly infectious, the Centre for disease control and USA handling of COVID 19 prevention warned that infection may lead to an overload of patients and higher death numbers. As national em0ergency was already in place Trump administration advised people not to gather in large numbers and Stay home, Schools were also closed. In America, people are from all across the world so hatred against foreign national especially from Asia and violence of racist nature also reported as in some population like black and Latino higher number of cases found. With more than 2 million cases however, the graph seems to be flattening with two states New York and New Jersey showing signs of recovery, I hope to see the trend continue further.

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Covid testing method and Capacity

Covid 19 testing method and Capacity

Covid Testing method and Capacity

Covid testing method and Capacity

It’s going to be four months when WHO confirmed human to human transmission by Covid19 and now we have more than 8 million cases worldwide with this virus and it is still growing. Any vaccine possibility is not before end of this year. So at present what authorities should do is just increasing the Covid testing method and Capacity. In India too testing capacity has been increased to 3lakh daily considering the population mass and density. But good thing is that like mortality the infected cases is also very low like if we compare it with US their positive case is around 10% or more while in India it is just over 3%.

Worldwide there are mainly two testing methods, Polymerase Chain Reaction or PCR and Rapid antibody or Serological test. Both test follows different approach, while in first PCR test nasal and throat swab is taken the second Rapid test blood as sample. The PCR test has been recommended by ICMR as gold standard frontline test which is more accurate and reliable but it is advisable for testing in large number because it is labor intensive, time taking and expensive as it involves RNA extracting by machine and expert technician. Since the process is lengthy each stage should be done carefully otherwise it may give faulty result. One PCR test is charged Rs4500 and result will be available after 4hours.Rapid antibody test however is less expensive can be administered on site and fast but it is more effective in containment areas because if someone gets infected with the virus, body develops antibody to fight with it. This test explores immunoglobulin M and G.The ICMR has laid out strategy to use antibody kits.

To increase testing capacity government has authorized private players also to conduct these tests and after court’s order to reduce testing charge government is exploring possibility for price reduction and curb profiteering by private parties. For more related covid 19 vaccine click on it.

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Covid 19 Vaccine race : Close or Far

Covid 19 Vaccine race:Close or Far

Covid 19 Vaccine

Half of this is year is going to be over now,no one would have thought that we will be facing such devastation just because of an invisible enemy called Covid 19. As per current figure by WHO, the total number of confirmed cases hovering around 8 million out of which 4 million have already died. But the numbers are not going down soon as researchers are still studying and virus is mutating frequently. So at this moment it is imperative that people follow social distancing norms and government guidelines. Scientists all over the world are busy finding vaccine to curb this pandemic. So far as Covid 19 Vaccine research is concerned, developed countries should take the lead as they have required medical advancement to take these researches to its logical conclusion, also because they are among the most affected.

Current time

At present more than 100 vaccines are under phase II trial and countries like France, Britain, US, Germany and Nether-land have already placed orders for millions of Vaccine. Few of the front runners in this race for vaccine are Imperial college London, Moderna Inc from US, Cure Vac of Germany and Oxford AstraZeneca of UK. The Imperial college has already tested its vaccine on animals and probably this week they will start immunizing 300 volunteers and in next phase they will immunize 6000 people in October. If everything goes fine Britain hopes to have this vaccine for its citizens by end of this year. Moderna of US is also going for final trial in next month with 30000 people and Vaccine might come by November. Similarly Oxford AstaZeneca will end its Phase I trial soon and start phase III trials on humans, they expect to get results of the clinical trials by September and hoping to deliver Covid 19 Vaccine by October. They have already signed a deal of 400 Covid 19 Vaccine for US and 100 Vaccine for UK if human trial goes successful.Though Robin Shattock of Imperial college has cautioned that early vaccines may come with some limitations. For more detail Click here.

Covid 19 Vaccine race : Close or Far

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