USA handling of Covid 19

USA handling of Covid 19

The ongoing pandemic was first reported in the United States in the month of January 2020 and the first death in February 2020. Despite being the best available medical services in the world United States it spread to more than 50 states and by the end of May United States was with most confirmed active and death cases, per million death rate was also at highest at 361 per million in the world.

Initially, US response was slow to this pandemic, President Trump was of the view that whatever happening was due to foreign nationals so the entry of foreign nationals restricted but US nationals were allowed. As Health Emergency declared on January 31, the month of February gone in preparing healthcare system and focusing on tests was initially a bit lackluster because government developed kits were defective and testing capacity was much less than required as less than 10000 people tested by 2nd week of March. Since cases were rising fast Trump administration declared a national emergency on March 13. Testing was relaxed so that anyone with doctor’s prescription could be tested and industries were instructed to produce PPE and testing kits in large numbers as Federal health inspectors found a shortage in various hospitals. Gradually a number of testing per day touched 250,000 per day but it was still not enough to seize the outbreak.

Since this disease was highly infectious, the Centre for disease control and USA handling of COVID 19 prevention warned that infection may lead to an overload of patients and higher death numbers. As national em0ergency was already in place Trump administration advised people not to gather in large numbers and Stay home, Schools were also closed. In America, people are from all across the world so hatred against foreign national especially from Asia and violence of racist nature also reported as in some population like black and Latino higher number of cases found. With more than 2 million cases however, the graph seems to be flattening with two states New York and New Jersey showing signs of recovery, I hope to see the trend continue further.

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